Exercises You Can Do Outdoor Exercises

Exercises You Can Do Outdoor Exercises

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• Walk or run with a partner on a deserted track or in a park.

• Give vehicles plenty of leeway, even when you have the right of way.

• In the weight room, be aware of people exercising near you, and use spotters and collars when appropriate.

Overloading your muscles and joints can lead to serious injury, so train within your capacity. Use high-quality equipment and keep it in good repair. Report broken gym equipment to the health club manager or physical education instructor. (See Appendix A for more information on personal safety.)

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Wellness Tip

Moderation is important, especially if you’re just starting to get physically active. Work at a pace that’s comfortable and enjoyable, with a goal of making gradual improvements. This will help you get into the habit of being active and will help you avoid burnout.

Do you have a hard time thinking of new activities to try? Check the boxes next to the activities listed here that interest you. Then look for resources and facilities on your campus or in your community.

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