Exercises For Water Aerobics

Exercises For Water Aerobics


1. Human consciousness, in the form of a specific intention, can be imprinted into a simple, low-tech electronic device from a deep meditative state by highly inner self-managed humans. Such a device, now called an IIED (intention imprinted electrical device), can act as an effective surrogate to robustly influence a unique target experiment in physical reality.

2. The four unique target experiments studied involved (a) an inorganic material (water) with property changes 100 times larger than measurement accuracy, (b) an organic in vitro material with property changes of ~20% at p<0.001, and (c) a living in vivo material with property changes of ~20% at p<0.001, both of the latter having a built-in control.

3. A unique intelligence was present in an IIED after imprinting so that the measured material property changes were (a) always in the direction of the IIED’s intention imprint and (b) always specific to the particular IIED utilized.

4. An unshielded IIED in the electrically “off” state, and physically separated from a UED (unimprinted electrical device) in the electrically “off”’ state by ~100 meters, still has a communication channel available to it for transferring the imprint statement to the UED within a week. Thus, the carrier for such information exchange is not conventional electromagnetism.

5. This new field, although not EM, can be dissipated through EM-leakage pathways. Thus, wrapping an IIED in aluminum foil and storing it in an electrically grounded Faraday cage prolongs its lifetime of effective use (~3 months before reimprinting is required).

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6. Placing a specific IIED in a room and turning it on “conditions” the room to a state wherein Item 2 in this table naturally manifests. Without the presence of this “conditioned” state in the room housing the target experiment equipment, these material property changes don’t occur.

7. One characteristic of a “conditioned” space is that a DC magnetic field polarity effect on the pH of water occurs. Such an effect is thought to require the accessing of magnetic monopoles, a property usually associated with a higher EM gauge symmetry state than our normal, everyday reality. Such a higher EM gauge symmetry state is also a higher thermodynamic free energy per unit volume state.

8. Another characteristic of a “conditioned” space is the spontaneous appearance of material property oscillations of very large amplitude (air and water temperature, pH, electrical conductivity of water, etc.) that are (a) global throughout the room, (b) all exhibit the same Fourier spectral components, and (c) all are in the frequency range ~10-2 to 10-3 hertz.

9. A third important characteristic of a “conditioned” space is that it’s sensitive to the presence of an active IIED at separation distances of at least ~150 feet. Oscillations generated in the locale of the IIED spontaneously appear (at high correlation coefficient) in a “conditioned” space but not in an unconditioned space.

10. If the degree of “conditioning” in a space is low and the IIED is removed from the space, the “conditioning” decays slowly with a time constant of ~1 month. If the degree of “conditioning” in a space is sufficiently high, the IIED can be completely removed from the space and stored properly and the level of “conditioning” in the room doesn’t appear to change (at least for 1-2 years).

11. The cause of the air temperature oscillations in a “conditioned” space near an apparent source was shown not to depend upon movements of the air molecules in the space, but rather thought to depend on changes at the vacuum level of physical reality.

12. Removal of the apparent air temperature oscillation source revealed that this vacuum level “phantom” source had a very slow relaxation time (~1-2 months) back to zero amplitude.

13. While in the phantom temperature oscillation source mode of reality, abrupt changes in the orientation of a large natural quartz crystal placed in the initial source region showed abrupt changes in overall oscillation wave shape, amplitude, and frequency. Thus, a quartz crystal appears to be a type of “tuner” for this vacuum-source behavior.

14. In a “conditioned” space, spontaneous and abrupt shifts in computer monitoring behavior of a random number generator (RNG) occurred from time to time for no apparent reason.

15. Experimenter effect, specific materials effects, and specific device effects appeared, in the short term, to alter the “tuning” of the oscillations in a conditioned space.

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