Exercise To Avoid During Pregnancy

Exercise To Avoid During Pregnancy

Gaining Insight

The past three years, my efforts to balance family and work had left my own self-care at the bottom of my To Do list. For many years I had prided myself on having an active lifestyle, including yoga, Pilates, and gym, that kept me healthy and fit, but in recent years I’d lost sight of how to make good exercise and food choices. With my 40th birthday around the corner, I certainly assumed age was going to work against any effort I might make to change my routine. That was until I read an article featuring Jerzy and Aniela Gregorek and their program The Happy Body. I was inspired by the positive results they reported with their 40-and-older clients. These were people who were dedicated to exercise and living healthy, like me, but often lacked reward from their efforts.

I began The Happy Body program, and within one month I experienced immediate results, which motivated me to keep going. In five months I have returned to a normal weight range and have become noticeably stronger and more flexible. What has kept me committed to the program has not only been the positive change to my body but also having access to Jerzy and Aniela’s years of experience.

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You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; their quantified plan clearly lays out what exercises to do and how to do them, and it keeps your food choices straightforward with minimal preparation. Because The Happy Body program requires patience (it does not happen overnight), you may discover ways that you end up sabotaging yourself. Having worked with individuals through the years, many who have struggled with being overweight, I know how important a consistent, nutritionally- balanced diet and active lifestyle are to good health. I also know that the reasons for not maintaining consistency may be very complicated. With the challenges that often occur when confronting and changing old habits, part of this journey really is about gaining insight into yourself.

Like many of Jerzy and Aniela’s clients, my introduction to The Happy Body program began as a family commitment. I am so thankful that my husband began and will continue this journey with me, and that we can call Jerzy and Aniela friends. With The Happy Body program you have an opportunity to adopt a healthier way to live, gain a clearer understanding of your body and its potential, and learn what having a happy body really means.

Plan For Healthy Living

Lori Nawn (50-year-old corporate treasurer)

What do you call a woman who wears a bikini for the first time at the age of 50? A Happy Body and a happy soul!

When I met Jerzy and Aniela I was two months shy of my 50th birthday and had spent most of my life fighting my weight and my food demons. Sure, there were brief stretches of time when I would win the weight battle, but I invariably lost the war. I am 5’3″ and my weight ranged from a low of 122 twenty years ago, to a high of 178 post-pregnancy. The vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting had become a way of life for me.

As my milestone birthday was approaching, I was becoming more and more frustrated with my inability to get my weight under control. An acquaintance mentioned The Happy Body and suggested that I get in touch with Jerzy. I checked out the website, made an appointment, and started immediately.

The great thing about The Happy Body program is that it addresses both food and exercise in a way that can be incorporated into any lifestyle. I didn’t need a dedicated home gym or a personal chef to make this work. A few free weights, an exercise mat, and regular trips to the natural grocery store, and I was on my way! Jerzy and Aniela worked with me so that eating out and enjoying wine the things

I love were not banished from my life.

To date, I’ve lost over 20% of my body weight in fat, gained 5% muscle, and have gone from wearing a tight size 8 to a comfortable size 2. I love my daily workouts they are how I start my day. The Happy Body program isn’t a diet, it’s a reasonable plan for healthy living, and one that I hope to be following for the next 50 years of my life.

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