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Exercise poses on Indeed, in cases of doubt or seeming disagreement the Bhagavata should be taken as offering the decisive view.90 Another school that has been important in the development of Vaisnavism, though it does not claim to be an independent sampradaya, is the Gaudiya (Bengal) school of Caitanya (b. 1485). Caitanya s teachers came from Madhva s Brahma sampradaya, though Caitanya described his ontology as inconceivable difference-non-difference (acintya bhedabheda). Metaphysically, Caitanya is probably closest to Nimbarka, though in terms of practice he is close to Vallabha. Like the Alvars, he went around the countryside singing emotional songs of devotion to Krsna, often dressed as a gopi. His path of loving devotion (prema bhakti) is divided into five stages: 1. Exercise poses 2016.

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