Exercise Maintaining Your Program Over Time


If you maintain your new behavior for at least 6 months, you’ve reached the maintenance stage, and your chances of lifetime success are greatly increased. However, you may find yourself sliding back into old habits at some point. If this happens, there are some things you can do to help maintain your new behavior.

• Remind yourself of the goals of your program (list them here).

• Pay attention to how your new pattern of behavior has improved your wellness status. List the major benefits of changing your behavior, both now and in the future.

• Consider the things you enjoy most about your new pattern of behavior.

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List your favorite aspects.

• Think of yourself as a problem solver. If something begins to interfere with your program, devise strategies for dealing with it. Take time out now to list things that have the potential to derail your program and develop possible coping mechanisms.

Problem Solution.

Remember the basics of behavior change. If your program runs into trouble, go back to keeping records of your behavior to pinpoint problem areas. Make adjustments in your program to deal with new disruptions. Don’t feel defeated if you lapse. The best thing you can do is renew your commitment and continue with your program.

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