Exercise In Early Pregnancy

Exercise In Early Pregnancy

A yogi may combine all three forms and is ‘avataric’ in the sense that he is striving to embody that which is not currently present within the three worlds. He confronts the past with the future and refuses to yield what he knows will be, in the face of what is accepted as possible now. This is how externalisation occurs.

The courage required by the Agni yogi is the courage of the soul and not the courage of the personality. It is the same courage that the Christ displays as he returns into a world that has crucified him. It is the courage of the soul to remain and not leave the battlefield; to maintain Presence and to refuse to withdraw consciousness from its identification with the Life principle regardless of the external circumstances. The personality draws its strength from the soul. The soul draws its strength from the monad. This strength arrives under spiritual law when a requisite point of tension has been reached.

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The extremity of the disciple in service finally draws out the interest of the soul. After the third initiation, the extremity of the soul (speaking symbolically and conveying no true meaning to the aspirant) evokes the cooperation of the Monad. Thus service is the scientific mode, par excellence, to evoke spiritual integration and to call forth the resources of a divine son of God.93

In the Sixth Ray Age that is passing away the emphasis on spiritual practice was ascent the lifting of the consciousness out of identification with the three worlds and contacting the essential divinity that lies at the core of the human being.

Having realised this essential divinity, the direction of the Seventh Ray Age is outward in the expression of this divinity IN the three worlds.

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