Exercise Early Pregnancy

Exercise Early Pregnancy

Figure 16 Mercury, Venus & Earth.

The glyphs make this apparent. The upper circle of Mercury is bisected as the monadic or sixth plane is the goal of this system. The Third Initiation is taken on the mental plane and fuses the Second and Third Aspects. The Fifth Initiation of Mastery is taken on the atmic plane and fuses the First and Second Aspects.

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The full depth of the role of Mercury on the path of initiation has yet to be revealed and rightly so, as we are still legitimately focused upon Venus. A hint towards the role of Mercury lies in the fact that we are not only our own boddhisattva, but our own buddha as well.

In the second or Love system we have a situation on the cosmic physical plane where there is the lack of a bridge or connecting principle between the monad and the personality the Will of God and the material substance which had been developed through the action of the Kumaras in the first system.

Enter the solar angels during the third cycle on the fourth chain. They are us. We are them. And yet we are not only them, and we are only them for a while in time and space. They enter from the cosmic astral plane via the second and third cosmic ethers. They are we are the extension of Vishnu into Brahma, Neptune poured into Saturn, Venus come to Earth.

The heart is a centre not only distributing Love but also Will, and we are this also, as well as being the objects that we Will-to-Love. We the human Hierarchy, as the central Hierarchy on the cosmic physical plane, have to unify the three Aspects of our own being.

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