Exercise And Pregnancy First Trimester

Exercise And Pregnancy First Trimester

Consider now the green and orange circles representing the colours of the previous system and the Third and Fifth Rays. On the cosmic astral plane we have the five Kumaras (green circle) with an expression of Agni (orange circle) in their centre being the fused operation of the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Hierarchies. (Remember the symbol of the five-pointed star with the triangle in the centre).

There are three signs…which provide the subtle or subjective realities of the will-to-be (Aries), the desire-to-know (Taurus) and the establishment of relationship (Gemini), and these constitute the triple incentive to the manifestation of man and of the human kingdom.

Under the Law of Reflective Action the light of these higher planes is reflected through the centre and operates inversely in 134 the lower sphere. Thus the energy of Venus is reflected from the third subplane of the cosmic astral into the fifth subplane of the cosmic physical. The direction of expansion is upwards on the cosmic astral, but the unconscious response of man in the three worlds is allurement downward towards the astral and dense physical planes. Man is in effect the inverted pentagram facing matter and penetrating more deeply into it.

Fortunately there is not only Reflective Action at work but also the passing of consciousness down the antahkarana so that the lower Hierarchies can become self-aware and then choose whether to cooperate by becoming a part of that antahkarana.

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