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Start feet on car now come in front of the mat semester D position inhale and look up lemon in your spine exhale fold forward inhale turtle tonnison access bootleg back to plank position which gives you Brett appears exhale chaturanga Nelson yoga cushion inhale urdhva mukha Svan Asana accent automation now deep in hand and lift your right leg bend your knee and step right leg forward between your hands lizard position engineer aviation key back leg lengthening straight now placing forearms on the floor in him right hand are open your chest slowly come back to Akuma question are fine the inhale left leg lifts peoples pointed axial band me next inhalation step left leg forward keep right leg straight now placing your forearms on the sole the right side its next inhalation left hand off while a quell chest open head back slowly come back to Qatar MacCachren open just go with E your breath should be relaxed each time inhale lift leg access place your knee between your bomb ready for a Raj Kapoor variation exhale full-forward rest your hand on the floor stretch your back leg keep those pointed with next inhalation interlock your finger.

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And back band here try to open your chair shoulder back and back. And come back to the Mukesh rynason repeat other side inhale leg lifts action placing your knee between your palm right leg stretch back in here faster next exhale fold forward rest here through crap next inhale interlocking the leveling spine chest open shoulders back head back come back to Adam okay Sean just go with a player inhale come to again plank position Gunderson now variation lick your right leg peoples 0.8 Axl then your knees touch to your forehead next exhale the knee with your elbow and repeat other side with each inhalation and exhalation change the variation slowly new ban and lie on your chairs in the lockers in the feet hip distance apart with inhale lift your head. So that leg up shall wash my radiation now inhale upward dog exhale down dog of Mukesh owner now be ready for side plank pose first right hand by land placing your right hand on the floor and turning towards your left with inhalation.

You may try a different variation this time left palms on the floor and turn towards your right open your chest make your wrists and solar align lift your leg with the next inhalation keep chest open pelvis forward slowly come back to the mukha Svan Asana you can eat your right leg access place your leg between your Tom and Jenny variation here let the needle upper back then interlock your finger then open your fingers to our scroll and slowly come back a little bit other side right knee on the floor left me at negative inhale lengthening your spine chest open and drop your finger track so similar stretch on your right eye slowly come back move it is make each breath more relaxed again step right leg forward inhale hands up to be the bat-diamond on the right knee and ankle Alliance axial to just want investment abroad off making him act to atomic Ashwin Dean ham left leg kick forward to be Patras and one warrior one pose.

And then English mine plans to Vegas look on your finger access to chat on the National inhale at one table occasionally, if you relax more so here leave and keep innovating jump, if you not see comfort than just escape they’re both leg forward and be ready for language doesn’t bringing your feet hip distance apart edge Vic Toews in a lemony sign extra fold forward in between making mashup register alien heaven and on the sequel next inhale make a tiny actor leveling wave and fold forward just be relaxed here inhale head up bring your feet together Axl fold forward again with next inhalation been journey at utkat Asana chair pose Axl full forward to Austin Asana inhale header access to chattering Gundersen Dean Hale upward dog axial down dog now mmm game with you right back axle step right leg forward at 90 degree be ready for will be does not do then revolve warrior and again come back to triangle pose bringing making your right leg straight left hand up now partials panel many ban in her first Axl Shatrughan Arcana or do MacCachren Axl Adama Krishna little bit other side inhale left leg forward to warrior two pollution we were not known the next innovation revolve. But keep uni at ninety-degree now straight left leg pull forward to reconnaissance that I can grab Luka don’t watch the left for bash up an asthma action pull forward keep your leg straight lengthening your spine the knee band 884 check for the does max a long inhale up on top and down dog now be ready for wide leg stretch bringing your feet three feet apart inhale.

And then in the spine exhale full-forward catch big toes for tradition of wide leg stretch. And we’ll keep bended lengthening your spine and neck kneecap piloted abdominal English slow and deep long crab and, if you want to try you can here try handstand from head leg strikes or just keep it within a lesson press your palms and let your legs open your leg. And then slowly with let’s change the radiation and slowly come back again to wide leg stretch position share it path of Tennyson when turnt once your lamp inhale to plank exhale to chaturanga national inhale put the kibosh on atomic Ashwin stay here three to five Prairieland then again inhale lift your right leg and be ready for flip talk chimera katakana let your right toes on the floor and start bending your body open your chest slowly come back and repeat other guidance times inhale left leg lifts exhale bend your knees place your leg toes on the floor turn to us good luck bye left hand strength back and draw slowly command down-dog now inhale leave an axel jump now straight your leg inhale hand the Akron whole forward to what’s important and keep your elbow lifted. So that you can give your face up to your chin find more and more keep nibbling this next inhalation inhale come up catch your heel or be toes and lick your leg to a fucking little one this next inhalation while your leg two corners on the knee Bank and be ready for purana nav Asana keep the spine straight chest open access to ardha nav Asana next inhale know piñas yes now again when you need try to tennis them jump to handstand, if you not comfort for this position just try normal way to do handstand keep your head lifted now transition to Bacchus on opposition grind pose then come to chaturanga dand Asana for the boom Indian actor Adam ocassional this is strictly to find a dress here then inhale knee bank and jump to it we ready for. But the canal so lock the feet together inhale lengthening your spine relaxed and fold forwards now be ready for Democratic a laudatory Johanna and Jane Jane Hancock ekiden fall forward left leg hold it right leg stay in front then change for crunch asthma lift your right leg from the same position. And then fold it and be ready for birth twice twist in aliens in English mine while I fell to stay change the behind you can right-click fold left leg straight exhale fold forward then then in your spine just relax slowly come back pull your knee. And then catch your feet and inhale lift your leg while exhale need to head position then bend your knee place your right hold on left foot on the right thigh access to is equal to vertical attention not here be ready for me now inhale up exhale chaturanga inhale Oh danke danke Shoen a minivan accent can boost it. And now hiccup artisits happiness bring in your right leg behind your head interlock your fingers then exhale fold forward inhale and opening and be ready for Ankara in Elliot your leg.

And then slowly drop your hip and open your spine slowly come back and give it a toss I’ll first make a boxer shuffle Blake be incapable so with the relaxation of breath you try to do change the awesome, if you find difficulty in any posture either you will just is Cupid or mindfully trying you need to push yourself now on correction and a hip slowly Cammack taken me out here again jump to sit lie on your back solo feet together me banded soup the kon Asana position this is to three to five red as relaxation pose now catch your big toes and try to drop your knee to our store onon bal Asana. And then bring your both leg behind your head you can the drezna try as per your comfort just 3 to 5 slow deep breath slowly come back again supported kon Asana position and three two one nine as time frame the screen then come back and here check rationale in Yahoo inhale plank expense at random asthma in hey go to Mukesh on access to Mukesh wanna fool now again inhale jump axial chain to sit position now be ready for marriage a toast variation to and fold forward they needn’t come back and change the side bending the left knee placing your left foot on your right thigh when the right time that’s your left hand behind your back this planet can bang now ability for flying different poles take apart the gallup arsenal so technically first you banned your leg making footside save. And then place your palms on the floor bend your elbow and lean forward for lift your right leg exhale long then with neck stimulation try to stretch your legs kombucha s Adamic Asanas. And then we come to Satan now boom Carson to relieve your shoulder and people who may try different variations here like guru hand inside so please lesson your knee over your other knee wrapping your hand while I train pulled forward good relax your shoulders slowly command. And you again. But the parmesan or you may just sleep in. But not in pollution whatever comfort for you while exhale fall forward to yokomo tangled stick to breath here clack witness the lesson come back engage your all three bond eyes through blocking Ava put the unbundle Jolanda chinlock and greed with j32 fibrate finishing position then placing your palms on the floor in a lift to put polluting up rotate you man slowly come back you and relaxing shav Asana bring your feet little bit apart lie on your back. And just rely relax.

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