Eka Pada Koundiny Asana Yoga Arm Balance Pose Challenge Week-6

Begin in a squat position on an exhalation take your right upper arm to the outside of your left thigh twisting to the land place your hands on the mat pointing forward shoulder distance apart letting your weight slightly forward band your elbow a little then tilt your head and shoulder a bit toward the floor when you feel balanced slowly exhale and start to strengthen your leg one by one into contain eosin arm one pose a few breath here then slowly come back try other side.

So this is one method you are coming containing Asana from side Bacchus and posture makes your you do stir very deeply move forward. And when you feel comfort balanced and slowly strengthen your legs fix your gaze. And your joints and muscles should be relaxed and breath even slowly come back and relax no method to for take about the convenience onna this time complete open your one leg and other one is bended and not pushed left side your palms should be shoulder width apart exhale bend your elbow fix your gaze first left leg straight. And then slowly lift your right leg your gaze should be forward slowly come back and try to other side this time left play complete open as twist to right side band elbow lean forward and slowly slowly you lift your leg makes you you don’t drop your shoulder completely towards Flo. And come back and relax.

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