Eight Angle Yoga Pose

Yogariija’s introduction to Eight Angle Yoga Pose verse 57 Thus the experience of the supreme Lord that All this is my glory has been Eight Angle Yoga Pose firmly established through these explanations.

One belonging to the mundane level who succeeds in having such a self-experience becomes a perfect spiritual adept yogi, well established in his real nature as the supreme Brahman.

This has been stated in the following verse: When the conceptual knowledge of duality disappears from the mind of a spiritual adept after he establishes himself in his divine essence, and thus when he has succeeded in crossing over the delusion of mliyS, such an adept is merged in Brahman like water in water, and milk in milk.

51 Thus following the experience of All this is aham the pure I the spiritual adept’s conceptual knowledge of duality melts away, and the experience of diversity vanishes altogether. He passes beyond deluding maya.

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