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Easy yoga workouts on After sitting down to meditate on the nature of self, he became enlightened.16 A second account has Siddhatta practising austerities, coming to the conclusion that asceticism does not lead to enlightenment and deciding to take food. Having eaten, he begins to meditate in the way that he had whilst a boy in his father s field. The five ascetics who were tending him were disgusted at what they perceived to be his fall into a life of abundance and they decided to leave. Siddhatta continued to meditate and eventually obtained the three knowledges that woke him up to the true nature of things. The passage is worth quoting because it presents us with what is probably the earliest description we have in Indian literature of someone progressing through various levels of concentration (jhana/ dhyana/samadhi) and gaining liberating knowledge as a result. Now having taken solid food and gained strength, without sensual desires, without evil ideas I attained and abode in the first trance (jhana) of joy and pleasure, arising from seclusion and combined with reasoning; and investigation (savitarka, savicara). Easy yoga workouts 2016.

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