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Easy yoga usa for The Saami of northern Scandinavia had a pantheon of eight superior gods, each responsible for some feature of the universe of importance to the Saami Tiermes, God of Thunder Paive, God of the Sun Mano, God of the Moon Biegolmai, God of Wind Leibolmai, God of Hunting Sarakka, Uksakka, and Juksakka, Goddesses of Childbirth In the second type of polytheism, there is a high god who created the universe but is not now involved in the world of humans and a pantheon of superior gods, each responsible for specific domains of the universe. The Nzema, an Akan group in Ghana, practice this type of polytheism. Edenkema, their high god, created the world, all humans, and all other gods and spirits. Immediately below Edenkema are the sky god, Nyamenle, and the earth goddess, Azele, the wife of Nyamenle. Beneath these three gods are hundreds of other gods and spirits, all created by Edenkema, ruled by the three highest gods, and inhabiting the earth. One of the most intriguing questions about monotheism and polytheism is why different cultures developed these different conceptions of the supernatural world. The idea once popular in the social sciences, that monotheism was the basic form of religion and that polytheism represents a divergent form of belief, is no longer believed to be true. Easy yoga usa photos, Easy yoga usa 2016.

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