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Easy yoga stretches on Indeed, Visnu/Krsna, Siva and Devi (= Sakti) constitute the real trimurti (three forms of god); the Brahma-Visnu-Siva version is a brahmanical invention that has little relevance to the lives of most Hindus. Temples to Brahma are exceedingly rare. SAIVISM The god Siva (the auspicious one) is a complex composite of deities. He is referred to as Hara (destructive power), Isana (the ruler), Mahesvara (great lord), Sambhu (abode of joy) and Rudra (the howler). In his most fearful aspect he is called Bhairava (the terrible). The god Rudra can be traced back to the Rgveda, where he has two hymns dedicated to him. Unlike most other Vedic gods he has no close relationships with other divinities. Easy yoga stretches 2016.

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Easy yoga stretches


Easy yoga stretches

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