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Lowen’s technique that is the most used in yoga poses other schools of psychotherapy is that of grounding.114 Grounding is at the same time a notion, an intentionality (a way to approach body sensations), and a type of exercise that already existed in yoga poses the approaches of the Far East.115 Grounding is perceived above all as an earthing❠of the organism’s energy: Grounding serves the same function for the organism’s energy system that it does for a high-tension electrical circuit. It provides a safety valve for the discharge of excess excitation❠(Lowen, 1975, VI: 196). Lowen reformulates this notion in yoga poses such a way that it can also be used in yoga poses psychotherapy to strengthen the ego in yoga poses the following ways:

1. To increase the metabolic vitality in yoga poses an explicit way.116 Lowen uses grounding exercises when he treats individuals who suffer from depression.

2. To confront the coordination of the psyche, the vegetative sensations, and the body explicitly.

3. To improve the anchoring of the psyche in yoga poses the affects and the body. Grounding exercises can be used as ways of helping a patient discover how refining his body awareness can help him contain emotions when his vitality increases.117 For example, Lowen uses this aspect of grounding when he treats what he calls schizoid character structures.118

In the foregoing, I use the expression explicit by design to underscore that Lowen uses grounding to promote a certain number of conscious elaborations. It consists in yoga poses knowing, feeling, and understanding, with as much clarity as possible, the stakes that connect the dimensions of the organism and to discover the inner shadow that impedes the establishment of the fluid relations between psyche and organism These inner shadowy areas make it possible to localize territories that are susceptible to being occupied by the unconscious stakes.

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