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Easy yoga poses for two for In some cultures, people regularly engage in collective travel to sacred places that in some ways are similar to the pilgrimages of world religions. For example, the Huichol of northern Mexico make an annual journey to Wirkuta, the sacred peyote land in the San Luis Potosi Desert, where through peyote-induced hallucinogenic trances they communicate with their gods. And each August, as part of the boysvision quests, the Taos of northern New Mexico travel to the sacred Blue Lake in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The location is so sacred to the Taos that no non-Indian has witnessed the ceremony conducted there in the twentieth century, and the Taos waged a -year battle with the federal government to regain control of the land, a battle they finally won in While Huichol and Taos religious travels resemble world religion pilgrimages, they also differ in important ways both are part of the annual cycle of religious observances, both are mandatory for all or select members of the community, and both have a community-defined purpose that benefits the entire community, not just the pilgrims themselves. Thus, the elements of individual choice and individual purpose characteristic of world religion pilgrimages are not as important, although the actual experience is as personally meaningful for all pilgrims, regardless of their religion. The mandatory, collective nature of indigenous pilgrimages is clear in the annual Pilgrimage for Spruce of the Hopi of Arizona. Easy yoga poses for two photos, Easy yoga poses for two 2016.

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