Easy yoga poses for back pain


practice plan 10th day

To complete our 10th Day of practice we will perform each of today’s exercises once, in the continuous motion, dance-like routine we have practiced previously. Remember to move with ail of the grace, poise and balance of a ballet dancer while performing this routine. If you keep this image in mind you will be astonished at how quickly your body assumes these very attributes!

The routine consists of the following:

1. Complete Breath Standing (once)

2. Abdominal Lift Standing (one group only)

3. Abdominal Lift All Fours (one group only)

4. Side Bend (once on each side to the extreme position. )

5. Backward Bend (once in the extreme position)

6. Back Stretch (once to your most extreme position)

7. Locust (once to your most extreme position)

Do not do any additional Yoga exercising today.

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