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Contact refers to those high moments where the consciousness has succeeded in penetrating into those spheres that lie outside of consciousness itself as we know it.

These high moments are not sustainable, but serve to gradually condition the consciousness until it is able to raise its vibratory capacity. The process is the higher equivalent of ‘peak experiences’ for the personality. These lesser peak experiences gradually ‘loosen the grip’ of the personality as it is flooded momentarily with the light, love and power of the soul. In reality these are contacts with higher manas, buddhi and eventually atma as these energies are stepped down through the three rings of petals in the egoic lotus.

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The higher peak experiences occur when the soul is ‘touched’ and responds to monadic impression. These energetic impacts are actually contact with the three aspects of monadic life active on the three highest planes of the system the higher atmic, monadic and logoic. These energies are stepped down through a Master or Fifth Degree initiate via the ‘atmic body’.

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