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Easy yoga pose on It is also much longer, probably based (though Ayyangar is not explicit about this) on the Telegu version of these Upanisads, which, as Deussen points out, are expanded through supplements or additions which are tenfold or twentyfold in their extent.92 In the Adyar collection 20 of the 108 Upanisads listed in the Muktika Upanisad are classified as Yoga Upanisads. By contrast, Deussen presents us with a list of eleven, the first ten of which are deemed by him to be earlier than the last, the Hamsa Upanisad. When deciding which texts to include in his collection Deussen consulted not only the Muktika list but also that compiled by pandits under the patronage of Sultan Muhammed Dara Schakoh and translated into Persian in 1656, which contained 50 Upanisads; that compiled by Henry Thomas Colebrooke in 1837, containing 52 Upanisads and that commented on by one Narayana, who lived sometime later than the Vedantic theologian Sankara (c. 800 ce), which also seems to have contained 52 Upanisads.93 Deussen s eleven are Brahmavidya, Ksurika, Cuiika (= Mantrika), Nadabindu, Brahmabindu (= Amrtabindu), Amrtabindu (= Amrtanada), Dhyanabindu, Tejobindu, Yogasikha, Yogatattva and Hamsa. They are all listed in the Muktika, Colebrooke and Narayana collections, and nine of the eleven: Brahmavidya, Ksurika, Cuiika (= Mant-rika), Brahmabindu (= Amrtabindu), Amrtabindu (= Amrtanada), Dhyanabindu, Tejobindu, Yogasikha and Yogatattva, are also in the Persian collection (Oupanekhat). Easy yoga pose 2016.


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Easy yoga pose

Easy yoga pose

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