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One of the effects of the grounding position is to create vibrations that often rise from the feet to the head. Even though I have not found any satisfying explanations for these vibrations, I observe them regularly. They appear in yoga poses all sorts of exercises that begin with maintaining tension in yoga poses the musculature for several minutes. The argument that they would be induced by a muscular fatigue does not hold water because when a person can remain comfortably in yoga poses this posture for more than 10 minutes, she experiences a form of tonic relaxation that can be beneficial to the body, metabolism and respiration, blood circulation, and moods. This skill is often observed in yoga poses schools of martial art or among dancers. in yoga poses medicine, these vibrations are generally related to pathological symptoms like nervous problems and fevers that create antagonistic mobilizations of the limbs. To my knowledge, their activation through bodywork has not been systematically studied. Yet this effect can easily be mobilized and therefore can easily be studied in yoga poses a laboratory.

Most likely, Lowen first became interested in yoga poses the vibrations induced by certain postures because they are close to those that he experienced with Reich pertaining to the orgastic reflex or while making love. As I have already indicated when speaking about Reich, these vibrations are part of the typical reactions of an orgasm at its apex or immediately thereafter. It is also possible that Lowen experienced these vibrations while doing gymnastic and yoga exercises. He thought that the exploration of these vibrations promoted well-being.

It would then seem that these vibrations are one of the innate organismic reactions. They are spontaneously related to certain vegetative reactions. Holding the muscles in yoga poses tension is not the only way to activate these vibrations in yoga poses the body. They can also be set in yoga poses motion through breathing exercises,121 or carrying out the following jellyfish exercise:122

Vignette on a jellyfish exercise. Lie down on your back, bend your Easy yoga Pics for weight loss, place your feet flat on the foor. The feet are parallel but apart; they do not change the contact point during the entire exercise (they change position, but always on the same part of the support surface). You slowly open your legs by separating your knees up until your thighs can no longer get any closer to the floor. You remain in yoga poses this position while relaxing for two breaths. Always slowly, you bring the knees together just to the point where they nearly touch. You stay in yoga poses this position, relaxing the length of two breaths. You carry out this exercise for at least 10 minutes, letting a slow, regular rhythm establish itself.

This exercise is also used in yoga poses some sex therapies.124 It often promotes on the inside of the thighs, after some time, some soft vibrations. Their activation is less frequent and less spectacular than with the mobilization of antagonist muscles. in yoga poses her courses, Gerda Boyesen125 would point out that these exercises activated vibrations only in yoga poses individuals whose muscular armor was already supple.

Lowen, as do most of the neo-Reichian psychotherapists, considers these vibrations as manifestations of an increased circulation of bioenergy or orgone.

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