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Easy yoga Pics online for That is, how deep is the devotion of the converts to their new religion? It seems that unless the indigenous religion is destroyed completely, the typical result of missionary activity is nominal adherence to the new religion with some elements of the traditional religion incorporated into it or continuing to exist apart from it. For example, in Taos, New Mexico, Roman Catholicism and the indigenous religion exist side-by-side and the community houses both a Catholic church and underground ceremonial chambers, where traditional ceremonies are held. And among the Wolof of Senegal, who are mostly Muslims, elements of their traditional religion such as a belief in malevolent spirits, witchcraft, shamanism, healing, and a circumcision ceremony exist alongside Islam. In addition to combining elements from different religions, missionary activity also sometimes results in indigenous beliefs being redefined to fit the new religion. For example, the Zande of northern sub-Saharan Africa now equate their high god, Mbori, with the Christian God and have redefined ghosts of ancestors from being benevolent to being equivalents of Satan. In Africa, the introduction of Christianity ultimately led to the development of hundreds of independent churches, all based on elements combined from the indigenous religions and Christianity. For example, among the Zande, diviners have been redefined as prophetesses of the Zande Christian Church and now counsel parishioners as well as continue to identify witches. Easy yoga Pics online photos, Easy yoga Pics online 2016.

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