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New strengths ‘I started doing cardio barre classes to work on my core before filming started – I felt core strength would be important [tor wrestling], I loved the intensify of that class. From there, I realised that the stronger I made myself, the healthier my body would be, and the better my wrestling would become. ‘I was so inspired by it that I started getting into weights and experiencing different types of exercise. Before, I would never just have walked into a new class. Now, I feel I could walk into any class and I’d be comfortable just trying it.’

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Body and mind ‘Physicality is so emotional. So often we disconnect our physicality from our emotional wellbeing, but you’re exercising tor your mind, too. It boosts your confidence. It’s not integrated into our culture to put time into our wellbeing, but the stronger you make yourself, the more empowered you’re going to feel.’ @katenash Kate Nash’s new album Yesterday Was Forever is out now.

When I was younger, I was the person who was really good at PE, but I didn’t have many opportunities. My mum sent me to an ice-skating club, but that only lasted a couple of months, then I did gymnastics for about a year. I was that chubby kid… I struggled! That was my first experience of proper sport. ‘At uni, I started going to the gym tor body image, but the gym environment didn’t really work tor me. I’d never have touched the weights – you’d walk in and just see men there and think “that area’s probably not tor me then”. It’s such a contrast to now.’

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