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Easy yoga on pbs for Often the place is a shrine, that is, a place associated with a particular supernatural being, a PnxK!M.\i PILGRIMAGE supernatural event such as a miracle, or a sacred personage such as a saint. The reason an individual makes a pilgrimage is to become physically, emotionally, and spiritually closer to the supernatural world. There may be other purposes as well, such as asking for forgiveness or assistance, seeking a cure for an illness, meeting a religious obligation, enhancing one’s reputation as a devout adherent in one’s home community, and the more worldly purpose of participating in a journey to a distant and exciting place. Some experts view pilgrimages as rites of passage, as the pilgrim leaves his or her community, joins a community of fellow pilgrims Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales has much about this aspect of pilgrimage, is emotionally and spiritually changed by the religious experience, and then returns home with a redefined status in the religious community. While all of this is true of many pilgrimages, what is most significant about pilgrimages for most pilgrims is the deep and very personal emotional and spiritual nature of the experience. Of course, the reasons people make pilgrimages vary both from person to person, and one person may have different reasons for making different pilgrimages or even different reasons for making the same pilgrimage at different times. Easy yoga on pbs photos, Easy yoga on pbs 2016.

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