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Easy yoga losing weight for Possession Possession, or possession trance or spirit possession as it is often called, differs from trance in that the body is taken over possessed by a spirit. It also differs from trance in the types of cultures where it is found and in the people involved. About percent of cultures have a belief in possession, and most of these are found in Oceania or sub-Saharan Africa or are African-American groups in the New World that practice syncretic religions such as Vodou also voodoo or vodoun, Santeria, and Candomble. Most of these cultures are ones whose traditional economy was based on horticulture. Again unlike trance, those subject to spirit possession are usually women and the spirits who possess them are usually male. Additionally, possession is often a group activity in some cultures there are POSSESSION AND TRANCE possession cults and in others possession is a public event. In some cultures, and especially in world religions such as Judaism and Christianity, possession is equated with possession by an evil spirit and thus is always considered harmful and therefore feared, although many other aspects of the possession are typical of possession beliefs in general. Easy yoga losing weight photos, Easy yoga losing weight 2016.

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