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The positions of the head and of the arms being countless, I will not try to state any rule.

Nonverbal communication designates all forms of behavior that do not require the analysis of the content of words. This definition implies that all behavior can have (but not necessarily will have) a communication function. The difficulty with this definition is to accept that the organism which activates a behavior, even consciously, is not able to know ahead of time how its behavior will be perceived. The writer often admits with difficulty that his readers perceive some thoughts in yoga poses his work that he never had and that they will never be able to know the intellectual and affective forces that pushed him to write.

Bodily nonverbal communication studies analyze all parts of the organism that appear on a visual recording. Such a recording may use all sorts of support, like a film, a video tape, a DVD. Because these distinctions are not important for the following sections, I will use the term film to designate a visual recording capable of capturing the contours of the body and the visible aspects of its texture, whatever the technology that is used. From the point of view of the large categories of this textmy yoga blog, this means that body and behavior are not always differentiated. On the other hand, it is clear to all researchers that it consists of a partial approach of a whole that is the organism.

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