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Easy yoga lessons for Not all spirits are capable of possessing a human and not all Central Thai are subject to possession. Those most susceptible to possession are women with hot hearts, that is, they are often lonely, depressed, and suffer from psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches. When possessed they convulse, make strange sounds, utter strange words, thrash about, feel hot, and display marked mood swings. This behavior, typical of possession in many cultures, is often described in psychological terms as a disassociative or hysterical state. While possessed, the woman often as is common in many other cultures as well identifies with the male spirit possessing her and speaks like a man and behaves like the deceased person the spirit repSpirit Legba Damballa Saint John Adjasou Vodou Spirits in Haiti Powers Guardian of crossroads Cures serious illnesses Causes earthquakes Makes water rise in springs Maitresse Mombu Causes heavy rain Behavior of Possessed Carries cane and limps Rolls on the ground, drinks too much, and is violent Drinks too much and is both aloof and friendly Excitement Dances and eats food off the ground POSSESSION AND TRANCE resents did, such as drinking heavily, cursing, or being violent. In those cases where the possession is seen as an illness rather than a friendly communication from a deceased ancestor the services of a healer are needed to end the possession and cure the patient. The healer’s first task is to determine if it is a case of full possession or some other disorder. Easy yoga lessons photos, Easy yoga lessons 2016.

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