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Easy yoga home for Disagreements on these issues among Protestant sects often caused as much bitterness among Protestant groups as they did against Catholicism. The Reformation affected every European country, each in its own way. In the German states where Lutheranism took root, horrific civil wars ensued for years. Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark adopted Lutheranism to the point that they became the state religions although, ironically, Luther was one of the few early Protestants to advocate a PROTESTANTISM Members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy at the Diet of Worms declare Martin Luthery center, a German monk who challenged church doctrines and practices, a heretic. Christianity’s division between Catholicism and Protestantism led to civil wars and great unrest in Europe for years following Luther s challenge and that of other reformers such as Huldrych Zwingi in Switzerland and, later, John Calvin in England. separation of church and civil authority. In England, Henry VIII supplanted the pope s leadership and placed himself as the head of a new Anglican Church that at first instituted only minor changes, but was later confronted by more radical Protestants in the seventeenth century, culminating in the English Civil War. Easy yoga home photos, Easy yoga home 2016.



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