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A General Critique of Lowen’s Bioenergetics Easy yoga at home for beginners

Traditionally, from Freud to Lowen, psychotherapists thought that the three following stages allowed for the healing of the residuals of trauma:

1. To recover the memory of the traumatic event.

2. To be able to express to someone the emotions experienced at the occasion of the traumatic event and the utter confusion that ensued.

3. To assimilate what happened mentally.

In the body psychotherapy of Reichian inspiration Easy yoga at home for beginners developed in yoga poses the United States, such as Bioenergetic analysis, this position was developed to the extreme. The emphasis was especially on the first two phases. The therapist not only encouraged the patient to express his emotions but also stimulated the breathing by mobilizing the posture and muscles so that this expression would be as intense as possible. The progress was often spectacular in yoga poses the short term Both the patient and the therapist had the impression that a huge weight had been lifted. Intense emotional discharges lead to physiological mobilizations (especially of respiration and blood circulation). Once this charge has expressed itself, it dissolves and often produces a deep relaxation, as well as an impression that the skin is clean and the eyes have acquired a new brightness. These effects are somewhat like what happens when we pleasurably make love, except that in yoga poses the aforementioned instance, the change may occur without a sexual arousal. Lowen thus speaks of a vitality that can also support an awakening of the libido.

On the other hand, the third phase, which pertains to mental integration, is often treated superficially.135 Because of this, the benefits of the treatment can be temporary, and in yoga poses some cases the condition of the individual may subsequently disintegrate. Psychoanalysis was first to provide a series of criticisms of this approach thinking that the intense respiration creates an overinvestment of the libido, which inundates the defense system Everything happens like a volcano that awakens and then rarely goes back to sleep without having caused terrible damage.136

This type of intervention was first criticized by personalities trained in yoga poses Scandinavia who had the advantage of having been influenced by the critiques that Fenichel addressed with Reich. Already in yoga poses his 1975 my yoga blog on bioenergetics, Lowen mostly focused on the energetic and bodily aspects of his work and only had sporadic fits of interest for an in-depth psychodynamic analysis. I have the impression that even if some of Lowen’s pupils tried to refine the body techniques in yoga poses Bioenergetics,

most preferred to find psychodynamic formulations that could integrate somatic and body reactions. This second trend of trainers in yoga poses Bioenergetics developed formulations that often take up (without knowing it) Fenichel’s criticisms of Reich.

For the time being, it seems that the members of the school of Bioenergetic analysis are actively looking for new formulations that are compatible with contemporary clinical knowledge. We shall see in yoga poses the near future how Bioenergetic analysis will manage this transition phase. This may prove interesting, because several brilliant practitioners animate this school. It seems to me that a crucial point will be if they can continue to integrate body dynamics as well as they integrate recent psychodynamic formulations.

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