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Easy yoga for weight loss on So the practitioner could stand on his head, to prevent it from dripping down, or he could force the prana upwards to keep it there. The downward movement of bindu was believed to be a cause of death; so restraining it was believed to promote immortality hence the bindu is often referred to as amrta (the nectar of immortality). At least part of kundalind yoga can be thought of as a development of these techniques to hold bindu in the head, though it could just as easily be interpreted as a corporealization of the tantric festival circuit around India all couched in the sandhabhasya code of course. There is another source of confusion for the student of tantrism: the fact that many texts advocate the opposite of bindu-restraint (bindu-dharana) with the practice of bindu-flooding (amrtaplavana). Mallinson traces this back to the mingling of two different traditions: the ascetic-renunciatory, which promoted bindu-restraint, and the Yogind-Kaula, which promoted amrtaplavana. Notions of kundalind and cakras seem to have had their origins in the second of these, though all later hathayoga texts promote both approaches.45 The key concepts in these two traditions are almost the opposite of each other: Bindu-dharana Amrtaplavana bindu (seed/drop) kundalind (coiled power) mukti (release) siddhi (accomplishment/perfection) tapas (austerity) bhoga (pleasure) hatha (force) sahaja (naturalness/spontaneity) At Hathapradipika 3. Easy yoga for weight loss 2016.

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