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Easy yoga for lower back for While possession and trance are not major elements of contemporary world religions, beliefs in spirit possession are found in Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Pentecostal Christianity, and the New Age movement. Altered states of consciousness are states of human experience in which one’s perception, memory, sense of time and space, body image, etc differ from what is typically experienced while one is awake or sleeping normally.

Such states may be induced psychologically by hypnosis, for example, physiologically by sleep deprivation, for example or pharmacologically by hallucinogenic drugs, for example and can take place in a variety of culturally institutionalized ways such as in certain forms of dreaming, visions, ecstasy, fire walking, snake handling, speaking in tongues, out-of-body near-death experiences, channeling, and possession by an external force such as spirit or ghost. Altered states of consciousness are a cultural universal although not all people in all cultures experience them and possession and trance are elements of the religious systems of percent of cultures, with some cultures having only trance, others only possession, and still others both.

Despite much research, little is known about the neurophysiological basis of altered states of consciousness although most experts now agree that altered states of consciousness are complex phenomena that result from the interaction of physiological, psychological, cultural, and social factors. In addition, it is also clear that the experience of an altered state both at the individual and cultural levels varies widely from person to person and culture to culture and that the experience is molded by a variety of individual and cultural factors. Easy yoga for lower back photos, Easy yoga for lower back 2016.

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