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Easy yoga for knee for The healer then must determine the identity of the ghost, which is accomplished by rituals that arouse the ghost in the patient’s body, close off passageways out of the patient’s body, and interview the ghost to learn its identity and plot the exorcism to remove it. One common result of this procedure is to cause the patient to become actively possessed, which provides the healer with valuable information about the ghost’s identity. The healer then chooses from any number of techniques that he thinks will serve best to drive the ghost out the patient’s body, usually through the soles of the feet.

These techniques include fooling the ghost by offering the patient a ritually treated cigarette or betel to chew, inducing a ghost the healer controls to enter the patient’s body to drive the possessing ghost out, brushing the ghost out by brushing the patient’s body from head to toe, or beating the patient with a switch to drive out the ghost. Possession among the Amhara of Ethiopia is seen as a major cause of illness, especially illnesses whose major symptoms are unusual behavior.

As with the Central Thai and most other cultures, it is Amhara women who are most often possessed. The illness is often cured by female zar doctors who lead zar cults, the activities of which center around the healing and support of its possessed members. Easy yoga for knee photos, Easy yoga for knee 2016.

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