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Easy yoga exercises on as a work in two parts: books 1-3 and book 4 (Dasgupta); 4. as an originally concise work consisting of what is now book 1 plus one or more later additions (Frauwallner). Given this variety, a fifth view of the text as being somewhat crudely stitched together out of existing materials is also plausible. This allows both unity (the same person stitched the whole thing) and diversity (different parts of the text came from different sources). In outline, the teachings contained in the text as a whole are that the world from which Patanjali and his followers seek to escape is one that is permeated by suffering (duhkha) (2.15-16). This world has come into existence because of the conjunction (samyoga) of two essentially distinct entities, namely prakrti, that which is seen, and purusa, the seer. Easy yoga exercises 2016.

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