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Easy yoga exercises home for For example, the Tlingit of North America believe that life is like the curving coast of the sea and that every individual is a reincarnation of a deceased relative on his or her mother’s side. Thus, when an old person nears death, the pain is lessened by the knowledge that he or she will return again and the family is comforted by the expectation that the deceased will return as a newborn member of the clan. The same view of the life cycle is applied to animals as well, and fish that are caught one year are expected to be reincarnated as fish and return year after year so long as the fisherman follows the appropriate rituals in burning their bones. For the Buddhist Central Thai, reincarnation takes place within the context of the beliefs indicated by the saying Do good and you will get rewards in return do bad and you will get punishment in return. For the Central Thai, one s current state of physical being is but one in an endless series of reincarnations, with the current state determined by the individual’s behavior and status in his or her previous state. Depending on their behavior, the reincarnation can be as a human, animal, subhuman, or deity, and he or she may enjoy a life of richness and happiness or want and suffering. The same view of reincarnation is held by the Taiwan Hokkien who believe that only a very few people go to heaven, the rest being reincarnated into a form human, animal, plant and a state of happiness R RELIGIOUS OBJECTS and fulfillment reflecting their behavior in their previous incarnation. Easy yoga exercises home photos, Easy yoga exercises home 2016.

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