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Bioenergetics and Psychotherapy

Initially, the term bioenergy had the same meaning as the term orgone for Lowen. Lowen and his colleagues solely introduce the term because, in yoga poses the United States, it was forbidden by law to use the term orgone in yoga poses a publication or in yoga poses a public conference.104 Gradually, Lowen situated his bioenergy❠halfway between orgone and the energy produced by metabolic activity. One could criticize him for using a recognized scientific term to designate cosmic energy, but I think he also wanted to send the message that orgone can only animate the organism by activating biomechanical metabolic dynamics.

To clarify the difference between a vitalistic option and a materialistic energy, I propose the following distinction:

1. Vital energy is a force that animates matter. It structures the material mechanisms that use it.

2. The energy of the chemists (since the work of Claude Bernard on metabolic activity) is a production without a goal. It is like the oil produced beneath the Earth’s crust, without the intention of helping humans power their cars. The metabolic dynamics have survived because they can be used for the survival of living creatures, but that does not imply that they produce energy with a specific aim. The mechanisms that use the energy transform it in yoga poses something that manages to survive. Within organisms, the laws of chance and of necessity lead to a certain form of concordance between the mechanisms that produce energy and the mechanisms that consume it.

Lowen’s bioenergy is a creative energy that forms a coherent field, and that field structures the dynamics of the organism. This field surrounds the organism with an aura that some, like Lowen, can see. To be able to sense the dynamics of this field in yoga poses oneself and in yoga poses others is, for Lowen, one of the keys of his therapeutic proposition. At the same time, he thinks that one cannot influence the quality of this field without mobilizing metabolic dynamics. Lowen’s body and breathing exercises have the primary goal of reinforcing the metabolic activity of the patient, thus permitting a quantitative increase in yoga poses his vitality and qualitative modifications of the aura. The health and creativity of all the dimensions of the organism are dependent on this vitality: physical health, emotional health, mental health, and so on. As early as in yoga poses the 1970s, this analysis became more central in yoga poses his therapeutic activity, probably because it corresponded more to his expertise than to the psychodynamic dimension that was developed mostly by some of his students.

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