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Post-war social processes and habitus affecting women

With these reflections – combined with the earlier analysis of women’s social situation let us now summarise the investigation of why it is primarily women – often guided by the habitus of spiritualism and romanticism – who have become the modernist yoga interactors.

On one side we have the new social dynamic of affluent well-educated middle class women – stay-at-home or professional – encountering new social interaction and experiences. On the other side we realise that these modernised women are still under the influence of their traditional situation as mothers and of romanticist holistic and spiritual habitus. This social interactional matrix conditioned their adoption and re-configuration of the yoga sign. In the emerging hybrid discourse of yoga, romanticism and spirituality habitus became a central part of women’s modernist quest for building new self-identities andfinding a new meaning in a changing world.

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