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Easy yoga at home on The yogin should regard everything with an equal eye and cast off the five faults of attachment (raga), heedlessness (moha), affection (sneha), lust (kama) and wrath (krodha). He should live in places free from the companionship of wives and children, without others with whom disputes may arise and favourable to perfect tranquillity of hearf (12.301). He should eat abstemiously, avoiding meat, oil and butter. The yogi^s practice is twofold: Brahmacarya [celibacy] and abstention from injury are said to constitute the yoga of the body, while restraining mind and speech properly are said to constitute the yoga of the mind^ (12.217). The yogin meditates in silence, undisturbed by his senses (his abstemious diet reduces their influence) and with focused mind. Easy yoga at home 2016.

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