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Easy morning yoga youtube for Another technique is the cleansing breath, during which the lips are pursed on the exhale for a forceful expulsion of the breath. Practitioners experience a sense of wholeness and peace from the practice. A Harvard Medical School cardiologist, Herbert Benson, researched meditation techniques to determine their use as tools to combat heart disease and developed a breathing meditation technique he called Benson’s Method. Using the focus on simple breathing as his starting point, he added the repetition of the word one to his instructions to his students, thereby mixing breathing and vocal meditation. Other forms of breathing meditation include the Japanese-based Zazen a strict and rigorous discipline from Chinese Zen Buddhism. Students are not allowed to move while meditating and are forced to ignore any and all distractions, including insects, numbness, or any painful sensation within or outside of the body. They sit in the lotus position, their eyes open and focused on a spot a few feet in front of them. Easy morning yoga youtube photos, Easy morning yoga youtube 2016.

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