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Easy kundalini yoga for Payment of compensation, such as the sacrifice of a sheep or an offering of vegetable water, is then arranged, the patient pays a fee to join the zar cult, and the illness is cured. Possession trance is found across cultures in its most highly elaborated form in some New World African-American religions, including Vodou in Haiti, Santeria in Cuba, and Candomble in Brazil. These are all syncretic religions, as they are based on a mix of beliefs and practices drawn from indigenous African religions and Roman Catholicism. While each religion differs from the others in some ways and there is internal variation in belief and practice within each religion, most of the basic features of possession trance are exemplified by the Candomble religion of Brazil. Although the possession trance of these religions often draws much of the attention of outsiders, it is important to remember that they are but one aspect of these religions and that individuals who are capable of being possessed are but one religious functionary. Candomble activities are based at seitas cult centers, which contain the terreiro temple grounds zndfranquai sacred groves. Within the terreiro are the barracao sacred dance hall, camarinha sacred room for the initiates, ihepegi sanctuary for the fetish stones of the deities, special huts where some deities live, and living quarters for the priest and his or her assistants. Easy kundalini yoga photos, Easy kundalini yoga 2016.

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