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Easy kid yoga animal poses for The others present in the hall know that her orixa has arrived in her head when she begins to behave strangely and her head, shoulders, and back move in spasmodic movements. While possessed, the orixa speaks through her and talks to the assembled while also answering questions and responding to requests for advice and assistance. The possession is accompanied by elaborate rituals including dancing, drumming, singing, sacrifices, wearing of ritual costumes, and the careful following of required sequences of ritual movement and activity. When the trance ends, the filha de santo has no memory of what took place during it. While the Candomble possession serves the same purposes as possession in many other societies building group cohesion, resolving personal crises, recognizing individual needs it also serves the important function of maintaining African identity in the New World. This is reflected in the fact that filha de santo enjoy high status in part because of their knowledge of African customs and their personal relationships with African deities, reflected by the custom of placing the ritual clothing, beads, necklaces, and headgear of a deceased filha de santo in the ocean so that they may be carried by the waves back to Africa. Role and Function of Possession and Trance Spirit possession is common across cultures because it meets certain basic societal and human needs. Easy kid yoga animal poses photos, Easy kid yoga animal poses 2016.

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