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Easy home detox on What brought diverse groups of Buddhists together under the banner of Mahayana was not affiliation with some new school (that has more to do with matters of monastic rules, see above) but inspiration from a new vision. Mahayanists, suggests Rawlinson, would meet in small groups in which visionary experiences of the Buddha were commonplace. In such visions, the Buddha presented the dharma to those with ears to hear, and that dharma became the basis of what came to be known as the Mahayana Sutras. Again, we can see parallels within the Christian tradition, where Saint Paul became recognized as an apostle even though he had only encountered Jesus in visionary form. Hence, Mahayanists hold their own texts to be the primary authority for them, and that is why the emergence of the Mahayana is often called the second turning of the wheel of dharma. Mahayana Teachings The first thing to be stated here is that the Mahayanists accepted much of the teaching found in the Sutta Pitaka, and many of their doctrines can be seen to be elaborations or extensions of material that can be found in the suttas. Here I shall simply comment on a few of the more prominent ones. Easy home detox 2016.

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Easy home detox

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