Easy hatha yoga poses

Relax upon completion

Remember to:

Keep leg as high toward the head as possible in extreme position

Proceed to next exercise

Perform five times, seated in a cross-legged posture, as learned on 46. You should be making progress with the Half-Lotus. That is, the knees should gradually be lowering themselves toward the floor. If this is not the case, remember to practice the position of Fig. 8, 45

You can sit in this posture while performing the Complete Breath

Remember to:

Work for the smooth flow of the expansion movements (abdomen, chest, raising of shoulders) during the long, slow, quiet inhalation

practice plan 11th day

To complete our 11th Day of practice we will perform each of today’s exercises once, in our continuous motion routine.

The routine consists of the following:

1. Chest Expansion (your extreme position only, followed by the leg movements learned today)

2. Circular Motion (from the extreme forward position)

3. Knee and Thigh Stretch

4. Simple Twist (once to each side)

5. Lion

6. Cobra (your extreme position, followed by the twisting movements to each side as learned today)

7. Head Twist (once to each position as learned today)

8. Leg Over (once to each side)

9. Complete Breath (once, very slowly and very deeply)

Upon completion, sit very quietly in a cross-legged posture for several minutes and become aware of the awakening❠of your organism.

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