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Easy gentle yoga for The use of a purification ritual marks the transition across one status boundary to another and thereby removes any ambiguity about the individual’s status and role in the community. A fourth set of possible explanations emphasizes the practical effects of classifying items as pure or polluting. One possible effect is protecting human health. For example, one interpretation of the Jewish classification of pork as polluting and unfit for human consumption is that in ancient times pork was unclean and caused disease thus classifying it as polluting PURITY AND POLLUTION PURITY AND POLLUTION was a public health measure. Another practical explanation for purity and pollution focuses on the economic value of the items so categorized. In this view, items of little economic value such as insects in Western cultures are classified as unclean because they are not likely to be used anyway. Conversely, items of high economic value may be classified as pure as a way of protecting them from overuse. Easy gentle yoga photos, Easy gentle yoga 2016.

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