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Easy diet on Why? Cialdini did some research and discovered that in 1935, when Ethiopia was invaded by Italy the Mexicans had sent aid to them. After 50 years the Ethiopians were given the chance to recipro-cate and they did.68 Cialdini is more interested in how reciprocation works in current human interactions than in its evolution, but his research does show how deeply embedded it is in the human psyche. He calls it one of the most potent of the weapons of influence around us.69 His formulation of what he calls the rule of reciprocation is: we should try to repay in kind, what another person has provided us,70 and he comments so typical is it for indebtedness to accompany the receipt of such things that a phrase like much obliged has become a synonym for thank you, not only in the English language but in others as well.71 This rule seems to be a genuine universal. It is found in all human societies,72 and those who seek to manipulate others make extensive use of it. Easy diet 2016.

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