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‘I get up early and eat breakfast to set myself up for the day. I’ll have porridge with almond milk, berries and banana, with honey and nuts. The fibre in the oats and the berries are good for gut health, which also helps brain power. Or I have avocado on wholegrain toast with eggs and sometimes smoked salmon. I’m really interested in nutrition – I’ve struggled with mental health due to injuries and food helped my recovery. Also, my parents went on a healthy eating kick which forced if on me a biti I wait for breakfast to settle, then do a half-hour cardio session, followed by foam-roller and core work.’


‘If I’m at home, I like to cook from scratch so I know what’s in my food. I’ll always have protein, usually fish, with sweet potato or rice and a load of veg. I’m really into stir-fries; I use lots of green veg, mushrooms, onions and maybe salmon and quinoa with soy sauce and noodles. If I’m travelling, I’ll make a packed lunch. After lunch, I work on my training plans and personal stuff, then go to the gym for a weights session. I do gymnastics once or twice a week, doing lots of single-leg exercises and mobility work.’

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‘Dinner tends to be similar to lunch. I alternate between salad or cooked vegetables with protein and a healthy carb, such as sweet potato, with a homemade sauce. I mostly cook my own food, but if my parents have got a bit going, I’m not going to turn it down! If I’m out, I love dessert, but we don’t eat them at home. My go-to treat is doughnuts, so if I’ve been well behaved, I’ll treat myself.’


‘I fake BCAAS – amino acids – they aid recovery and help me feel less sore the next day. They also help you burn more fat.’ SNACKS ‘When I’m away, I’ll have a protein shake after the gym to help recovery. I’ll make it myself with a good-quality protein powder. For snacks, it’s nuts, seeds, oat bars and fruit such as bananas. I drink lots of water and have a couple of coffees with breakfast.’


‘I get in frozen foods so there’s always something healthy in the house. I buy big bags of mixed veg, frozen salmon fillets and chicken so it’s really easy if I’m on the go or veg prepping.’


‘It’s hard to fault Rowans diet. It’s great she understands the right diet is important, not just for physical health but also mental wellbeing -these go hand in hand, especially for athletes. As Rowan knows, frozen foods can be a great asset when it comes to healthy eating. Supplements of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) – leucine, isoleucine and valine – are popular with athletes but, while a small number of studies show supplements may help reduce fatigue after exercise, BCAAs are found in eggs and meat, and many experts believe supplements aren’t necessary for most people.’

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