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Easy detox diet on The conscious mind, says Gilligan, arises from and is maintained by muscular tension patterns, and it is usually accompanied by discontinuous, arrhythmic movements. It lacks the kind of holistic quality of the unconscious mind because conscious attention is highly selective, directed as it is to only frame-relevant stimuli. It does, nevertheless, perform a number of important functions. It can be thought of as a blackboard available to all the various subsystems of the brain.12 It is thus a link between these subsystems and, as such, has an integrating function particularly through memory which, as Peter Brown puts it, is the matrix of personal identity.13 It works, according to Gilligan, by structuring information into action frames or programs (mental sets) and sequencing and computing conceptual relationships.14 It is also highly sensitive to context, that is, it is realistic. Easy detox diet 2016.

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