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Easy beginner yoga poses on When prakrti is manifest, the experience of the individualized psychic organs as illumined by purusa, who has no ontological involvement with the prakrti, is permeated by suffering, primarily because the vyakta universe is in a constant state of flux. This suffering leads, on the one hand, to a search for pleasure, which does nothing to bring about any kind of ultimate change in the way things are, or for release, which is brought about by discrimination (viveka). When the tattvas are known for what they are, namely aspects of prakrti, the knower (purusa) becomes aware of his own identity as something different from prakrti. This realization obviates the need for further prakrtic activity with regard to the particular purusa in question. Thus suffering is overcome and the aims of the Samkhya system are realized. However, for those purusas not obtaining liberation a periodic rest is provided by prakrti who, at the end of each aeon, reverses the creative process and returns to the unmanifest state, known in this context as pralaya. After a period (time does not exist in pralaya) the karma of the purusas, which was responsible for bringing about the pralaya, becomes expended and a re-manifestation of prakrti begins. Easy beginner yoga poses 2016.


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