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Easy at home yoga on What seems to have happened is that the Aryans subdued the local population and essentially enslaved them. Whether this was by invasion or migration is unclear. We may also note that the traditional life cycle of Aryan males into student, householder and retired was also expanded into a fourfold system in India with the addition of a further, optional, stage of renouncer (samnyasin), the activities of whom are often centred on the practice of yoga. When this information is put alongside other finds from the Indus Valley such as seals depicting figures seated in yoga-like postures and having some affinity with the god Siva, lord of yoga (yogesvara) and the least orthodox of the high gods of later Hinduism, then it looks as though yogic spirituality may have been in India before the coming of the Aryans. Such speculation is given weight by the fact that Buddhism, the most yogic of all the major religions, denies brahmanical authority and claims a source for its teachings that is independent of the Veda. And here we come to the heart of the Interactionist Explanation: rather than look to the Vedas for the origins of all later Indian spirituality, think in terms of Vedic spirituality interacting with native or indigenous spiritualities. The problem with this view is that there is very little by way of direct evidence to support it. Easy at home yoga 2016.

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