Eagle Yoga Pose

Eagle Yoga Pose


This balancing Yoga Pose cultivates concentration and focus as well as the strength, poise, and lightness characteristic of the majestic bird ofprey for which it is named. It opens the back body and tones the internal organs. Although the Yoga Pose may initially feel uncomfortable, it ’s for stretching and strengthening the joints and bones.

QUALITY Balancing. Grounding EFFECT Cleansing, focus, stability PROPS None GAZE Forward and down

Begin in Mountain Yoga Pose Pose, and bend your knees deeply. Shift your weight onto your right fool Lift your left leg up and wrap it around your right leg as if crossing your legs in a chair. See if you can hookyour left foot behind your right ankle. If not, simply keep your legs crossed or place your left foot’s toes on the ground outside the right foot for balance.

When you find your balance, hookyour left elbow under your right elbow and weave your left forearm around your right one to join your palms.

Lift your elbows away from your knees with your spine long, and exhale to fold forward, hinging a the hips and reaching your elbows toward your knees.

Find a point of focus on the ground and stay for 3 to 5 breaths, cultivating consciousness and mindfulness by being completely present.

Unravel your arms and legs and return to Mountain Yoga Pose. Shake out your body a bit before switchii.

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