Drawings Of Yoga Poses

Drawings Of Yoga Poses

That your breath smells nice too (eat mints or brush your teeth at work).

• Do not bite your nails; get a product from the chemist that prevent this.

Women in particular notice this.

• Shake hands firmly. No weak handshakes and no squeezing so that the other person gasps.

• Be polite. Remember to say please and thank you.

• Listen more than you talk. We have two ears and only one mouth for a reason.

You are who you are, you are unique.

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However in the job market you need to play by the rules that will maximize your chances of landing the best jobs.

What can you change or improve to maximize your career?

What other ideas do you have in addition to the ones I have listed?

Robbins insights in about 1998, I have a completely different take now on people that do not “fit” into my life.

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