Drastic Weight Loss Tips

Drastic Weight Loss Tips

Everything on The Cactus Plan graphic relates to a healthy y-o-u! Routine physical activity recommendations are represented on the right side of the cactus plantand thoroughly explained in chapters 13 and 14.

If you have a physical condition that prevents you from exercising normally don’t be discouraged. But do talk to your doctor before beginning or changing your exercise program.

That way you can work together to tailor a plan that’s safe and effective for you.

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Recommendations for energy intake can vary according to a girl’s age, size, physical activity levels, and what stage of puberty she’s in. The Cactus Plan is meant to give general guidelines. To reflect this, there is a range in regard to numbers of servings of foods and energy intake. See here for a website that can help you estimate your energy needs. Specific questions? Run them past your own health care professional.


Sleeping enough, letting the sun (gently) shine on your arms and legs, two to three days a week for about fifteen to thirty minutes, and taking one daily (complete) multivitamin/multimineral supplement for kids as a backup (if your doctor recommends this) are also elements of the plan.

And so is the rainbow, representing the positive feelings that result from maintaining strong communication with your family, friends, teachers, medical professionals, and other trustworthy, responsible adultsand asking for help when you need it.

Open to enjoying every food there is under the sunin amounts your body can put to work optimally?


Nutritional guidelines aren’t strict rules. They’re suggestions that can lead you into a healthy eating pattern.

If you don’t score enough servings from every group represented on the cactus every day, that’s fine.

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